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motor bike insurance quotes online for your motorcycle

The following motor insurance companies provide cheap online quotes for bike ( motorcycle) insurance in the uk. In order to find the best value quote for your bike insurance, you should try to get quotes from as many of them as possible.

To get a cheap quote for your motorbike insurance, just click on any of the company links below. This will open up the site in a separate window for you, so you can proceed from there. This window will stay open so you can try other links.

Which company is cheapest?

Depending on your details (e.g. age, sex, no claims bonus, postcode, bike insurance group, etc.), some companies will work out beter than others for you. In the past months, we have sold more motor car insurance policies through quoteline direct and its4me than any other brokers, so we suggest you try these companies first, but to ensure you get the best quote, try all the companies.

Notes Quotes:
Dedicated uk bike insurance company. Fast quotes (less than 60 seconds). Offering free breakdown cover, free legal protection and £15 online discount.
One of the best value brokers around at the moment. Make sure you try them for a bike quote.

Get a quote from DirectChoice

An excellent company for motorcycle insurance.
Norwich Union  
Nowrich Union
Norwich Union now offer online cover for your motorcycle / motor bike at discounted internet rates.
motor insurance in uk
A popular car company - now offering great prices for motorcycle cover too.
Good source of quotes for motorbike insurance.
Perhaps the most famous insurance company, they offer a range of insurance, with special offers on breakdown cover and motorcycle.
Reputable company who offer good prices on many different types of insurance, including motor bike.

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